Collaboration and/or New Techniques in the Classics

December 7, 2019

King’s College London - Anatomy Lecture Theatre


Programme Outline



0930              Welcome

0940              Guest Speaker: Dr Abigail Graham (ICS) - Carrying the past into the future: The role of the

                       Ephebes in Salutaris' procession at Ephesus

1020              Paul Kelly (KCL) - Risk and return in Roman Egypt

1055              Break

1110              Konstantin Schulz (HU Berlin) - CALLIDUS: A database of exercises for learning Latin

1145              Benjamin Wilck (HU Berlin) - Hidden messages in Greek mathematics: Results of a statistical

analysis of linguistic regularities in Euclid's Elements

1230              Lunch & Poster Presentations

1340              Giulia Frigerio (Kent) - The impact of the laurel on Apolline divination: Affecting the mind

without the use of drugs

1415              Noga Erez-Yodfat (Ben-Gurion) - Senses and the embodied mind of the mystes in ancient

mystery cults

1450              Mark McCahill (Glasgow) - The ancient senses and Roman ritual: Considering imagines as

memory objects in an interdisciplinary context

1525              Break

1540              Greg Gilles (KCL) - Fulvia and Octavia: How social networks can aid us in identifying female


1615              Vivienne McGlashan (Bristol) - The Bacchants are silent: Applying cognitive approaches to

explore ritual maenadism

1650              Nathalie Choubineh (Reading) - Kinetography: A methodological framework for reading kinetic

motifs in the Greek vase-painting

1730              Drinks Reception

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Handouts for the conference:           Paul Kelly               Giulia Frigerio

We are also inviting PG students to present posters on any work that relates to our conference themes.  Posters should be up to 36" x 48" (91.4cm x 121.9cm) in size.  These will be presented during lunch, afternoon break and the drinks reception, where attendees will be able to view the posters and discuss them with the presenters, if they are present.

Posters presented at conference (Click on the name to view a pdf of the poster)


Allison Smith - Cosa Excavations: New Techniques in Research and Outreach

Gianmarco Bianchini - Lucretius on Stone    

Ioannis Mitsios - Interdisciplinary Approaches on Greek Mythological Motifs  

Nathalie Choubineh - The Krétiké: So One Day Cretan Girls Danced  

Benjamin Wilck - What's Odd about Euclid's Definitions of Even and Odd?