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New Classicists

Issue 09

December 2023

  1. "Hellenistic Homosexuality: Theocritus’ pederastic Idylls and the poetics of reversal" By Valentino Gargano

  2. "Ecocide in Late Antiquity: Environmental Spoliation and Human Resilience in the Negev." by Andrew McNey

  3. "Longing for Maecenas: Horace and the Nostalgia of Martia" by Joe Broderick

  4. "The memory of Amazon myths in Roman epigraphy, 1st-7th centuries AD." by Arturo Sánchez Sanz

New Classicists

Issue 08

July 2023

  1. The Agamemnon Problem: The Fluidity of History-Making and Myth-Making in the Dune Universe by Sara Mohr and Sam Butler

  2. The Real Amazons in Literature, Art, and Archaeology by Laura Nees Cardie

  3. Constructing the Sycophant: The Case of Theocrines by Georgia Choustoulaki

  4. Secretive Spartans: Herodotus’ views towards secret communication in Persia and Sparta and its effect on post-Herodotean sources by Martine Diepenbroek

New Classicists

Issue 07

December 2022

  1. Arboreal and human bodies in Ovid’s Metamorphoses by Artemis Archontogeorgi

  2. Pandora and Automata in the Film Ex Machina by Aleah Hernandez

  3. Fechtbücher and Xiphe: A comparative study of medieval and ancient Greek swordsmanship by Justine McLean

  4. Review of Saint, Jennifer. Ariadne. (London: Wildfire, 2021) By Shelby Judge

New Classicists

Issue 06

June 2022

  1. "“Pro Iuppiter!” Oaths in Roman Comedy" by Olivia Puekert Stock

  2. "Vergil and Seneca in Consolatio Philosophiae Book 3" by Donald McCarthy (University of Toronto)

New Classicists

Issue 05

March 2021

  1. "Senses and the Embodied Mind of the Initiate in Ancient Mystery Cults" by Noga Erez-Yodfat (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)

  2. "The Impact of the Laurel on Apolline Divination: Affecting the Mind Without the Use of Drugs" by Giulia Frigerio (University of Kent)

  3. "How do the Galli of the Magna Mater cult occupy gendered space in Latin Literature?" by Harry Triggs (Royal Holloway, University of London)

  4. "Philosophy and Pedagogy in Horace Epistles I" by George Brocklehurst (The Warburg Institute, School of Advanced Study, University of London)

  5. "Review of Morales, H. (2020). Antigone Rising: The Subversive Power of the Ancient Myths" by Abbie Jukes (Queen Mary University of London)

New Classicists

Issue 04

January 2021

  1. "Mitigating Pollution in Ancient Rome’s Green Spaces" by Dr Andrew Fox (University of Nottingham)

  2. "Rus ‘Becomes’ Urbs: Hard and Soft Landscape Elements in the Gardens of Pompeii"  by Jessica Venner (University of Birmingham)

  3. "‘Liquid spaces’ in NE Hispania Citerior during the Mid-Republican period: Introducing a new reality" by Gerard R.Ventós & Gerard Cabezas-Guzmán (Universitat de Girona)

  4. "Sparta and Athens: A monumental confrontation" by Matt Thompson (University of Nottingham)

  5. "Revisiting the Anonymous 'Pilgrim' from Bordeaux: Defining Characteristics of Christian Sacred Space and Travel in Early Fourth Century Jerusalem." by Natalie Smith (University of Edinburgh)

New Classicists

Issue 03

May 2020

  1. "One to rule them all: The γόης of (Plato’s) Ancient Athens" by Marta Antola (Durham University)

  2. "‘Time and tide for no man wait’: Cheiron’s qualities complicated in John Updike’s The Centaur" by Anactoria Clarke (Open University)

  3. "From a mythical exemplum to a heroic cult: Orestes as a representative of power play, (re-)establishment of political authority and expansionism" by Doukissa Kamini (University of Reading)

  4. "Curtius Rufus’ Roman reading of the proskynesis debate: Theatricality of power and free eloquence in the Histories of Alexander the Great" by Claire Pérez (Université Jean Moulin, Lyon)

  5. "Reconciling Aphrodite: the Power of the ‘Weakling’ Goddess in Homer’s Iliad" by Rioghnach Sachs (King’s College London)

  6. "Continuity and innovation in imperial inscriptions: Augustus’ Res Gestae and the Stelae of the Qin First Emperor Compared" by Chen Xiong (King’s College London)

New Classicists

Issue 02

January 2020

  1. "Introduction" by Amy Lewis (University of Pennsylvania)

  2. "Boundaries, Magic, and Popular Religion in two Mosaics from Ancient Thysdrus (El Jem in Tunisia)" by Laurie Porstner (Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey)

  3. "Cityscapes in Roman Painting: The Amphitheater Riot Fresco as a Piece of “Popular Art” by Kevin Stuart Lee (The University of Texas at Austin)

  4. “Solon” and his People: The afterlife of an archaic political personage in late democratic Athens" by Sherry Huang (Texas Tech University)

New Classicists

Issue 01

February 2019

  1. "The Boscoreale Cups: What Level of Historical Specificity was Intended in the Tiberius Cup?" by Richard Kendall  (University of Birmingham)

  2. "Conon's Sons and Meidias: Ēthopoiia and Hypokrisis in Demosthenes' Against Conon and Against Meidias" by Maria Galanaki (Democritus University of Thrace)

  3. "The Status of Plebiscita 494-287 BC" by Ben Salisbury (University of Birmingham)

  4. "United in Grief: Achilles, Alexander and Hadrian" by Lauren Murphy (La Trobe University)

  5. "Review of Fratantuono, L. M., and Smith, R. (2018). Virgil, Aeneid 8, Leiden, The Netherlands: BRILL" by Billie Hall (Université de Lille)

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