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Advisory Board

The advisory board of New Classicists counsels editors on possible peer reviewers for each accepted article so that it can be blind peer reviewed by two international academics with expertise on that article's theme.  Each member of the board has been chosen so as to represent the breadth of fields within the study of Antiquity.  For more information on each advisory board member, please click on a that member's name.

PhD Students

Greg Gilles

Roman Republican women and social networking

Jordon Houston

Economics and administration of Roman Imperial entertainment

Karolina Barbara Frank

Religious and social history of Classical and Hellenistic Greece

Ben Salisbury

Public opinion and the politics of the late Roman Republic

Allison Smith

Roman architecture and construction of bathhouses


Dr Pavlos Avlamis

Ancient Greek language and literature

Dr Virginia L Campbell

Pompeian graffiti and social networking

Dr Christy Constantakopoulou

Ancient Greek history and culture

Asst Prof Al Duncan

Classical Greek Theater and literature

Dr Abigail Graham

Roman Epigraphy, art and architecture

Dr Mairéad McAuley

Early Roman Imperial literature

Dr Blanka Misic

Religious and cultural identities in Pannonia and the Roman army

Dr Emily Pillinger

Latin poetry and the reception of Classics

Prof Amy Smith

Greek and Roman art and archaeology

Curator of the Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology

Dr Alberto Quiroga Puertas

Imperial & 4th Century AD Greek Literature and Christian Historiography

Dr Lewis Webb

Roman Republican history

and culture